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I am a Creative Community Champion working on The January Challenge 2024 with 64 Million Artists.


"The January Challenge is 31 days of quick, fun and accessible creative challenges. The challenges are playful prompts that invite you to ‘do’ something creative, ‘think’ about the process and ‘share’ your creation in a way that is meaningful to you.

"The January Challenge started when Jo Hunter, CEO and co-founder of 64 Million Artists, invited her Facebook friends to join her in a daily creative challenge - an idea inspired by her own attempt to rekindle her creativity and boost her wellbeing. A couple of hundred people joined in and spent January doing, thinking and sharing together. Now, 10 years later - over 50,000 people take part across the UK and the world.

"The January Challenge is an opportunity to celebrate how different people think about and use their creativity, and to curate a campaign that includes varied ideas and opportunities to be creative. Because of this, we co-create The January Challenges with people and groups using their creativity in different places and in different ways. This year, we worked with community group leaders to engage hundreds of different participants in challenge co-creation workshops, as well as working with writers, artists, performers, makers, poets and activists to set challenges."

Challenges for January 2024 will be launched on 2nd November 2023. Sign up now to be amongst the first to hear about all the challenges - including mine, which will take place during #HearingLossHour on 2nd January 2024.

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