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Is this the most literal in-house training ever?

Today, I took 'working from home' to a whole new level: I ran my first ever 'in-house' training session - and by that, I mean the training was in our house.

My clients, Aquarius Management Consultants, are spread all over the UK and they had planned to book a training room in Wakefield for delivery of this training session, 'How to manage your Wix website' - but, with one thing and another, it seemed the best solution was to host the session at our house. I offered: they said 'yes' and I'm delighted to say that a great day was had by all.

My guests received a warm welcome, with tea, coffee and biscuits on arrival.

And, there was a friendly greeting from Tilly, the Aspinall Ink Meeter and Greeter (and part-time Sausage-tester).

After a cuppa in the conservatory, it was time to get down to business. The business being, 'How to manage your Wix website'. After a demo from me, it was time for the delegates to get 'hands on'.

With two offices here at Aspinall Ink HQ, and Wi-Fi available throughout the house, we set up a few different work stations. Our sunny conservatory makes an excellent 'break out' room and, it even has a solar powered charging station for delegates' phones and tablets.

After getting down to some serious work, it was time for a Mediterranean-inspired lunch of Spanakopita, Greek salad, hummous and olives, washed down with sparkling elderflower and lime. And, although not everyone indulged, there was carrot cake for afters.

A bit more time after lunch for some 'hands on' work and some trouble-shooting from me and, before we knew it, it was time for the delegates to head off back to the far corners of the UK. Well, except for one lucky delegate who happens to live nearby.

I had never considered running training session from our home before but, do you know what? I'd love to do it again. Everyone was so relaxed and it made for a great learning environment. So, if your business is looking for a relaxed setting for training on building/managing a website, 'An Introduction to Twitter' or 'Using Twitter for Business' - or you'd like to discuss developing a marketing strategy, please contact me. Our 'in-house' training might be right up your street: It's definitely up ours!

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