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Kurgo Skybox Booster Seat

When you're driving, have you ever wished your little dog could sit in the passenger seat so you could keep an eye on them, or to give them reassurance? Well, with the Kurgo Skybox booster seat you can.

Tilly got her booster seat for Christmas and she loves it. She is an inquistive dog and she loves being in the car and now, with the booster seat, she can look out and enjoy the view in safety.

The booster seat is a doddle to fit: there's a loop that hooks round the headrest and a strap which securely fastens round the car seat.

(c) Kurgo

There's an adjustable tether which fastens to the dog's harness, keeping them safely in place but allowing the freedom to turn around.

The seat is suitable for dogs up to 30lbs/13.5kg. It can be fitted in the front or back seat but Tilly and I prefer using it in the front passenger seat as we find that more companiable.

For more details please visit: (UK shoppers) or / (USA)

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