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Aspinall Ink becomes a sea-changer

As a scuba diver and professional underwater photographer, it's unsurprising that I have a passion for the sea. That's why I've teamed up with the UK marine-conservation organisation, Sea-changers

and become a Sea-changers volunteer.

Sea-Changers recognise that a range of actions and solutions are required in order to create the sea change that is needed, to ensure the future health and sustainability of the world's oceans. They raise money for a range of, primarily UK based, marine conservation charities and organisations. The projects funded all fall within one of the following areas:

  • Marine Reserves/Protected Marine Areas

  • Direct Marine Action

  • Education, Campaigning and Awareness

  • Species Protection and Research

Se-changers' vision

"At Sea-Changers, the ocean is our passion. We are a charity aiming to raise thousands of pounds for marine conservation in the UK and abroad. Our vision is to create a world where the seas and shores are clean and healthy and marine species are protected.

What makes us different is how we raise the money for this important work. We aim to harness the energy, good will and resources of sea-users to create a sea-change in the amount of funding available for marine conservation.

Sea-changers works with partner companies such as dive companies, cruise holiday companies and marinas that rely on healthy oceans for their success. We develop bespoke fundraising partnerships with them. For example, some of our business have implemented an 'opt-in' fundraising model where customers are asked if they would like to make a small donation to Sea-Changers when paying for goods or services. Our partners then pass these donations on to us and we distribute 100% of the money raised to support marine conservation work.

Set-up in 2011, we have already distributed nearly 40 grants and over £20,000 to marine conservation charities such as:

  • Newquay Marine Group

  • Craignish Community Trust

  • National Lobster Hatchery

  • Surfers Against Sewage

To find out more about all projects we’ve supported, click here.

If you like what we are doing and want to help us to continue please make a donation or get in touch about becoming a Sea-Changer volunteer."

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