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LinkedIn: One easy way to reinvigorate your business

Quick questions

  1. Would you like more customers?

  2. Would you like more visitors to your website?

  3. Does your website portray an outdated image of your business?

  4. Would you like to sell gift vouchers or have an online shop?

  5. Would you like a website you could easily manage and update yourself?

If you've answered 'yes' to any of the above, read on.

Time for a spring clean

Your business' website is your 'shop window' and so it pays to invest in getting the look just right to entice new customers.

How long is it since you had your website designed? Is it ready for a spring clean; a new look; new wording; new images? Perhaps you're ready for a whole new site?

Having your website updated or replaced is not as daunting as it sounds. Having a whole new site created needn't be stressful or expensive. It can even be exciting!

Websites by Angie

I'm not a 'techie' and so I don't baffle clients with science - I just have an eye for what looks good and an understanding of how to get your site ranked by Google.

I work with clients to understand their business, the messages they need to 'get out' to customers, the 'look' they'd like and the image they'd like to portray. If clients wish to then take over the management of their site, I train them to do so. (I'm a qualified Adult Education Trainer so, clients are in safe hands.)

Prices from £400.

Case Study: Body Essence

Here are some 'before' and 'after' screenshots of the pinky purple old website and the new neutral coloured site I designed.

The issues

  • The old site was looking outdated

  • The fonts varied from page to page

  • Essential information was difficult to find

  • Poor graphics

  • Screen-grabbed images (leading to Copyright infringement)

  • No branding

  • Few visitors to the website per month

  • Website visits not translating into enquiries or bookings

The remedies

  • Gaining an understanding of the business and its new direction

  • New branding (colour scheme, logo, strapline, font)

  • Use of high quality images (purchased via the correct channels, adhering to UK Copyright law)

  • Bespoke images by professional photographer

  • Planning the site map before creating the site

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation - the use of keywords, phrases and tags to improve the site's Google ranking)


In addition to website design and branding, I also provide a copywriting service to clients, crafting enticing descriptions of their services (or products) in language appropriate to their audience.

Professional photography

Aspinall Ink provides professional photography to clients - portraits, interiors, products, production processes. This client commissioned a two-hour shoot (with room styling, with the following results:

New ideas

Body Essence had a new line to promote - nutritional advice. This warranted its own page and I wanted to create something which packed a punch, visually speaking - and illustrated 'healthy eating'.

Nutritional Advice - a new direction for Body Essence


I introduced the opportunity for the online purchase of gift vouchers.


Body Essence is a business operated from home in a semi-rural location. In order for clients to be able to find the premises, I added a clear map to the website.


"I love the site Angie designed for me. The colours and the whole look of the site reflect how I want people to see Body Essence. It’s professional, calm and serene.

Angie knows I'm not into technology and she didn't overwhelm me with jargon: she asked all the right questions, listened to what I needed and made recommendations where she felt they might help. I had been dreading a long, slog but we just had a couple of chats over a cuppa - it was as easy as that.

"The site was ready within a week and then we met up to make a few tweaks and added the online shopping facility by linking the site to my Paypal account.

"Angie added a cancellations policy to the site, and within 24 hours of publishing it, this saved me £40 when a new client spotted the policy when she looked up the telephone number to call in the cancellation."

Julie Haigh, Body Essence


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  • Face-to-face meetings (Kelso, Scotland)

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