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Tilly the Westie makes the Naturo Change

You may recognise our beautiful girl, Tilly the Westie from her travel column, ‘Tilly’s Travel’ in Dog Friendly magazine or, perhaps you follow her on Twitter (@TillytheWestie). She also has a chapter all about her in Janetta Harvey’s book, ‘Saving One More’. Like Janetta’s dogs, Twinkle and the late Suzie-Belle, Tilly is a puppy farm survivor.

In 2012, Tilly was found a stray in London with another Westie in an equally poor condition. Their coats were matted and their teeth were green. We don’t know how long Tilly lived as a stray before being taken to the pound, and rescued by The Little Dog Rescue charity, but we do know that she has a voracious appetite and is always on the look-out for food.

Tilly cares not a jot for cuddly toys and has only a passing interest in balls (unless you squeak them): for her, it’s all about the food. Unsurprisingly, as a result, she’s always been a bit overweight.

She was quite heavy when she came to live with us and, through exercise and managing her diet we got her weight down a bit but, then her weight plateaued and she didn’t lose any more. The vet said she still needed to lose some more.

Knowing how much Tilly loved Naturo natural dog food – particularly the one with Salmon and rice, when I saw that Naturo did a wet food with 40% less fat, I decided to make the switch. I was hopeful that it might help Tilly lose that bit more weight.

Thankfully, Tilly enjoyed the Naturo Light Chicken and Rice with Vegetables just as much as the other Naturo flavours she’d tried. I realised we could be onto a winner in terms of an easy way to help her lose weight.

My husband and I don’t like to eat highly processed food, and we cook most of our own meals from scratch. So, naturally, we don’t want to give Tilly food that’s full of salt, sugar and preservatives either. We know that Naturo natural dog food is made with high quality, real ingredients and that’s what we want for Tilly.

You can see the wet food is made with proper ingredients: the grains of brown rice and vegetables are clearly visible in the meaty terrine. And Tilly loves it. As soon as I go to the cupboard where the food’s kept, Tilly starts to get excited and when she sees the packaging, she knows it’s dinnertime and a dances on her hind legs until I serve her dinner.

I’m delighted to say that, in the first four weeks on her new diet, Tilly lost 500g. The vet said that was a good amount to lose over that time period – not too dramatic a loss and not done too quickly. She’s managing to keep the weight off too, which is great.

Tilly had such an appalling start in life; I think she now deserves the best that I can give her. She’s happy when I give her Naturo Light and I’m happy too, because I know it’s helping to keep her healthy.

You can watch the video about Tilly making the Naturo change here:

Watch Tilly make the Naturo Change

More information

As a freelance journalist writing for dog-related magazines, I am frequently asked if Tilly and I will review products. Sometimes we like the look of the products and the ethics of the company and we say 'yes' - and sometimes we don't. When we approached about Tilly making the Naturo change, we had no hesitation in getting involved because Tilly loves their food and we love that the ingredients are natural. Switching to the low fat food option was an easy transition for Tilly and she has been very healthy and happy on the diet.

During the four-week period, Tilly's food was supplied by Naturo Pet Foods. However, I would like to stress that she continues to be a Naturo girl at our own expense.

To find out more about how your dog can make the change to healthier eating, please visit:

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